Pack your bags! The first ever Expedia Travel Week means sweet deals on your next holiday

Between the 8th and 12th of June, Expedia is offering deals for those booking hotels and more through and its mobile app. Over the course of Expedia Travel Week, you can expect to see deals of up to 40% off (for UK buyers) more than 30,000 hotels around the world so your well-deserved holiday will be easier on the wallet.

In addition to discounts that span the sale’s full five days, Expedia will offer daily 20%-off coupons that will be good for bookings made on that specific day.

To make an already sweet deal even more appealing, those who are Expedia Rewards members will earn double the Expedia Rewards points when they book through the app during Travel Week. If you aren’t yet a member, you can join today for free!

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Pack your bags! The first ever Expedia Travel Week means sweet deals on your next holiday

Get out of town with the whole family! Photo: Expedia

How Expedia Travel Week works

Some deals will run the course of the event while others will be for one day only, so you’ll want to check Expedia throughout the week.

In addition to hotels, Expedia will be offering discounts on more than 800 activities and you can even save when you book select AmaWaterways, Carnival Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

So, no whether you’re thinking about accommodations or what to do while on vacation, Travel Week will guarantee savings and give you a little more to spend relaxing. And you know what that means: you won’t think twice about treating yourself to an extra margarita at that swim-up bar!

If you want to get in on the action, keep in mind that Expedia Travel Week bookings can be made for travel before the end of January 2022. So, if you aren’t quite ready to commit to a holiday this summer, you can still book for this autumn or winter. If you’re taking to the seas on a cruise, bookings will be for select sails through 2023.

How to get the most out of the event

Scope out hotels and activities before Expedia Travel Week so that you know what you’re searching for during the event. We’d also suggest checking out the Expedia app for deals, particularly if you’re an Expedia member to more points!

Finally, no matter when you’re hoping to travel, read the fine print on all bookings to know if you have flexibility with your holiday or the option to cancel in the event that the pandemic further affects your plans.

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Travel Week Daily Getaways

Each day of Travel Week, Expedia is teaming up with celebrities – from Olympians to actors to travel writers – to showcase different destinations and deals. Daily Getaways offer 20%-off select hotels, but only for their specified day!

Pack your bags! The first ever Expedia Travel Week means sweet deals on your next holiday
Pack your bags! The first ever Expedia Travel Week means sweet deals on your next holiday
Escape to Grenada (True Blue Bay Resort pictured here) or Nigeria with today’s Daily Getaway! Photo: Expedia

8 June’s destinations: Grenada and Nigeria

Brought to us by Perri Shakes-Drayton, a veteran track and field Olympian for Great Britain turned TV presenter, today Expedia is offering a 20%-off coupon for select hotels in Grenada and Nigeria with the code: PERRI20.

With strong family ties to both destinations, Shakes-Drayton’s code is valid for use today at four different hotels.

In Grenada, you’ll find extra savings at True Blue Bay Resort and Secret Harbour Boutique Hotel and Marina. Both of these St Georges-based, 3.5-star hotels offer stunning views and lots of amenities. So, whether you prefer the resort feel of True Blue Bay or would rather opt for a more intimate stay in one of Secret Harbour’s 20 rooms, they’re both ideal for a beach getaway.

If you have your sights set on a lavish trip to Nigeria, Shakes-Drayton’s Lagos picks will be just the ticket. Enjoy some rest and relaxation at the trendy, four-star Mason Fahrenheit or schedule a spa day at Eko Hotel + Suites, a five-star hotel. Both offer a range of amenities and are within walking distance of Kuramo Beach, so all you need to do is decide which hotel best fits your travel style!

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