Get up to £500 cashback on Samsung Neo QLED TV with this offer

Over the last year we’ve all been spending more time at home in front of the television. When we couldn’t go out, we stayed in. But that extended time on the sofa might have also left you feeling tired of your old electronics and ready for an upgrade.

So look no further: Samsung has been ranked the number one TV brand for 15 consecutive years by Omdia tech, not least because the brand continues to push the boundaries on home entertainment systems, with cutting-edge display technology and innovation.

But just because you’re elevating your home entertainment, it doesn’t mean you aren’t cost considerate. Right now, Currys PC World is offering between £100 and £500 cashback on all Samsung Neo QLED TVs until 7 September, so you can make a financially savvy investment for your home.

So what do you need to know about Samsung’s latest Neo QLED TV? And why is it worth making the most of this offer – and additional August bank holiday offers – and buying now?

What is a Samsung NEO QLED TV?

The Samsung Neo QLED TV comes in a number of models (Samsung Neo QLED 4K: QN95A, QN94A, QN90A and QN85A; Samsung Neo QLED 8K: QN700A, QN800A, QN900A) but whichever you choose the entire range is characterised by cutting-edge picture quality, without compromising on sound or design. Bringing in a new era of television.

To start, Samsung’s Neo QLED TV uses Quantum Mini LEDs. These lights are smaller and finer (40 times smaller than conventional LEDs) but densely packed together, allowing for a slimmer TV body but without ever compromising on brilliant picture quality.

Samsung Neo QLED TV

Samsung Neo QLED TV | Get up to £500 cashback at Currys

Behind-the-scenes the Mini LEDs are controlled by the latest Quantum Matrix Technology, allowing for ultra-focused luminance and deeper contrast, giving both brightness and extreme blacks as well as phenomenal picture detail. All this means for you is the sharpest 4K and 8K picture quality yet and it’s guaranteed for a decade with the screen burn warranty (participants must register for the 10 year screen burn warranty within 90 days of purchase, T&Cs apply).

This renewed level of precision means you’ll rewatch old classics and notice details you’d previously overlooked. From any angle, it is a high quality viewing experience.

As well as Mini LEDs and Quantum Matrix Technology, the TV also has Samsung’s most advanced AI-powered processor working busily behind the scenes to give extraordinary output. It automatically adapts and supercharges everything you watch. This technology allows the TV to show true-to-life quality and granular detail meaning you never miss a moment.

The Anti-Reflection screen also means that your Samsung Neo QLED absorbs reflections so you’ll not miss out on your favourite TV moments because of the weather or no matter the time of day you’re switching it on or where in the room you’re sitting. ( *Anti-reflection technology not available on QN85A, QN90A, QN700A, and 43” & 50” QN94A ).

Sound innovation is also enhanced as Object Tracking Sound brings ultra-realistic 3D surround sound with everything you watch as between six and ten (model dependent) dedicated TV speakers move around the screen following the action as it happens. ( *OTS PRO available with QN900A, OTS Lite with 43” and 50” models).


Samsung Neo QLED TV | Get up to £500 cashback at Currys

To top it off, Samsung has thoughtfully designed the TV so every inch of the super-slim body minimises distraction in your home – leaving you to focus on the action on the screen. The Slim One Connect (available on QN95A, QN700A, QN800A, QN900A) also helps hide your cables away for a streamlined look and feel and to avoid the ugly spaghetti of wires that so often ruins a sleek finish.

The NEO QLED TV sets a new benchmark in quality, meaning you’ll be experiencing the most immersive cinematic entertainment experience without even leaving your home. So whether you’re watching Hollywood blockbusters, binge watching a box set or just putting your feet up with a video game you’ll feel you are getting the best quality for your money.

What are you waiting for? Cashback of up to £500 off lasts till 7 September on Samsung Neo QLED TV products at, with additional Bank Holiday offers for August.

*Ts&Cs apply: Offer available on qualifying Samsung NEO QLED TVs. Only available to residents (aged 18+) of either the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Channel Islands or Republic of Ireland. Promotion closes at 23:59 (BST) on the 7 th September 2021. Full terms and conditions available here.