Who are the highest paid actors in Hollywood?

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02 September, 2021, 03:40 pm

Last modified: 02 September, 2021, 03:59 pm

There was a time when a $20million salary was a big deal even for Hollywood actors. Over the last decade, with the rise of streaming services, movie star salaries have skyrocketed. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon pay the actors massive up-front pay salaries. 

Recently, Daniel Craig became one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood with a $100 million pay-cheque for sequels of Rian Johnson’s “Knives Out,” reports Variety. Netflix has bought the rights to “Knives Out 2” and “Knives Out 3,” with $450 million. 

The streaming giant will also be paying up for the services of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in Adam McKay’s “Don’t Look Up.” 

On the other hand, Amazon Studios will be paying actor Dwayne Johnson $30 million to star in the holiday adventure “Red One,” while Netflix will pay Julia Roberts $25 million for the end-of-days thriller “Leave the World Behind” and roughly $20 million for Ryan Gosling in the Netflix spy thriller “The Gray Man,” including a multipicture bonus.

However, stars like Sandra Bullock (Paramount’s “The Lost City of D”), Brad Pitt (Sony’s “Bullet Train”) and Chris Hemsworth (Disney’s “Thor: Love and Thunder”) are still getting massive figure salaries for their traditional theatrically-released movies.

Here are the highest-paid actor salaries in Hollywood right now, according to Variety.


Daniel Craig
“Knives Out’ sequels


Dwayne Johnson
“Red One”


Will Smith
“King Richard”


Denzel Washington
“The Little Things”


Leonardo DiCaprio
“Don’t Look Up”


Mark Wahlberg
“Spenser Confidential”


Jennifer Lawrence
“Don’t Look Up”


Julia Roberts
“Leave the World Behind”


Sandra Bullock
“The Los City of D”


Ryan Gosling
‘The Grey Man”


Chris Hemsworth
“Thor: Love and Thunder”


Brad Pitt
“Bullet Train”


Michael B. Jordan
“Without Remorse”


Tom Cruise
“Top Gun: Maverick”


Keanu Reeves
“The Matrix 4”


Chris Pine
“Dungeons and Dragons”


Robert Pattinson
“The Batman”