Krispy Kreme Let It Snow Collection celebrates wintry holiday fun

While there is always room for another holiday sweet treat, Krispy Kreme Let It Snow Collection brings a taste of winter delight to the table. From holiday classics to new flavors, everyone will be feeling a little extra jolly after enjoying these holiday doughnuts.

This holiday season, everyone is longing for some extra merriment. Even though Santa might be watching, the jolly one appreciates that an extra holiday treat doesn’t earn a spot on the naughty list. Sharing a dozen doughnuts with friends could earn top billing on the nice list.

According to Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer for Krispy Kreme, “There’s nothing like the season’s first snow to say the holiday season is here! This year, we’re tapping into the anticipation of wintry, holiday fun with our snowy holiday collection.”

What new doughnuts are part of the Krispy Kreme Let It Snow Collection?

Starting on Friday, November 26, the Krispy Kreme Let It Snow Collection hits stores. While the Chocolate Iced with Holiday Sprinkle Doughnuts is a returning favorite, the Santa Belly Doughnut is the hands down holiday treat. Filled with Chocolate-Kreme and drawing inspiration from the jolly man himself, this doughnut might replace those holiday cookies with a glass of milk.

Krispy Kreme holiday doughnuts, Let It Snow Collection, photo provided by Krispy Kreme

Although the returning favorites are tempting, there are three new holiday doughnuts in the Krispy Kreme Let It Snow Collection. They are Poppy Penguin Doughnut, Snowman Smile Doughnut and Snowy Sprinkle Doughnut.

Waddling to the top of the holiday doughnut list is the Poppy Penguin Doughnut. From the blue sanding sugar to the Original Kreme filling, this doughnut captures a penguin’s icy wonderland. It might even make you do a little happy feet dance.

The Snowman Smile doughnut delights even the people who don’t live in a frosty locale. Decorated to look like a snowman, the Original Glazed Doughnut is dressed for the holiday season.

Lastly, the Snowy Sprinkle Doughnut is a picture-perfect offering. That snowflake sprinkle blend seems to capture the sparkle of the season.

To celebrate both Black Friday and the launch of the Krispy Kreme Let It Snow Collection, guests can get a “free Original Glazed doughnut and free small brewed coffee on Black Friday, November 26.” This free food and beverage offer “is valid in Krispy Kreme shops and drive-thrus.”

Whether you are ready to Let It Snow, snuggle on the couch or just need another excuse to enjoy a holiday treat, Krispy Kreme Let It Snow Collection is waiting to be part of the holiday table.