‘Deck the Hallmark’ hosts share brownie and eggnog recipe to have with holiday movies

Plus more from Bran Grey, Daniel “Panda” Pandolph and Dan Thompson.

In their new book, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas Movies,” Bran Grey, Daniel “Panda” Pandolph and Dan Thompson penned all the food, drinks, and games to pair with popular flicks.

The hosts also shared a couple of semi-homemade recipe ideas and an inventive holiday game to play with guests or family below.

Save-the-Town Brownies

“If you’re too busy wrapping gifts and caroling,” Bran said “head to the bakery section at the supermarket, grab a tray of brownies. Then get a can of store-bought chocolate frosting. And to make them Christmassy, pull a candy cane off the tree, crush it, and sprinkle the peppermint bits over the top. A little semi-homemade hack.”

Yule Nog

“The book also has a recipe for homemade eggnog — we call it yule nog — but we won’t be mad if you don’t have time to make it from scratch,” Panda said. “Here’s a fun trick — cover a tray with a bunch of salt — it looks like snow. Then take some clear glass ornaments, remove the top, clean them out, and funnel some storebought nog into them. Add a red and white straw and nestle them into the snow!”

Reprinted courtesy of Running Press.

Build Your Own Hallmark Movie Draft

This is sort of a Hallmark-movie hybrid of MASH and madlibs.

You create a card and everyone gets to pick one from each category, like a fantasy draft.

At the end, you read what your movie is and who it’s starring and give it a fun name.