School holiday fun at new Mandurah estuary pool

The new estuary pool was opened on Christmas Eve, with families from Mandurah and afar spending their school holidays enjoying the redeveloped waterfront.

The pool and surrounding area has been specifically designed with tourism and recreational activities in mind, much to the delight of local families and visitors to the area.

“The circular pool is unlike anything in existence in WA. In fact this whole waterfront redevelopment will compete with anything that’s in Perth or across WA,” Mandurah mayor Rhys Williams said previously.

Named Kwillena (dolphin) Gabi (waters) by the traditional owners of Bindjareb Boodja, this natural waterway shares its habitat with local marine life.

School holiday fun at new Mandurah estuary pool

The newly paved area and seating around the estuary pool. Photo: City of Mandurah.

The curved floating pontoons provide visitors with a place to safely walk around the perimeter of the pool. As a natural waterway, visitors should be aware that conditions may vary, so keep a lookout for tides and currents. Adjacent to the pool is an upgraded beach with ramp access, boardwalk, shade and seating area. The space provides options for all families and individuals to enjoy the pool area and surrounds.

When discussing the new waterfront developments, Mr Williams said the upgrades would make Mandurah a smart city.

“Our population is set to grow to about 140,000 in the next 20 years so we know we have to create great public amenities for our local people but also provide the sort of infrastructure that befits a city that is going to be the cultural heart of the south of the metropolitan area.”

Work continues on the space directly behind the pool, where there will be a flexible paved area, which can be utilised by events, activations, amusements, food trucks, concerts or performances. There are also opportunities for water-based recreation, water transport and tourist activities at the renovated waterfront.