Easter Bank Holiday advice for road users in Stamford and Rutland

98% of roadworks will be removed from networks this weekend

Author: Ellis MaddisonPublished 2 hours ago
Last updated 2 hours ago

National Highways have advice for road users in the East Midlands this bank holiday weekend, and specifically for those in rural area.

From Thursday (14th April), throughout the bank holiday weekend, roads across the country are at their most busiest – second only to the Christmas holiday period.

To accommodate the increased number of road users, National Highways say they’ll have removed 98% of roadworks for a short duration, to help ease the congestion of traffic.

Local advice

Those travelling up or down the country from the Stamford and Rutland area should plan ahead as much as possible and anticipate delays, says National Highways network planner Frank Bird:

“Expect that roads that will normally be busy, they will be busy again over the weekend. The long weekend period, so the likes of the A1M and the M1 itself, particularly for the East Midlands area.

“Expect there’s going to be lots of tractors, a lot of vehicles that are to do with agriculture that are on the move. You are then going to have slower moving vehicles people towing caravans and trailers. Be prepared for your journey to be slowed a little bit.

“What we would really say is have lots and lots of patience, don’t take chances with overtaking. Wait until you’ve got plenty of forward view, and then carry out a smooth and safe manoeuvre to overtake these vehicles.’

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