Poison Ivy Proves She Was Never The Anti-Hero DC Fans Want Her To Be

Since her rise in popularity, DC fans have taken a closer look at Poison Ivy and her “villainous” actions throughout her comic career and have almost overwhelmingly decided that Poison Ivy is way more of an anti-hero than a Batman villain. However, when Poison Ivy opened up about herself while taking a holiday, she reveals that she was never the anti-hero DC fans want her to be.

Dr. Pamela Isley was a botanist who became Poison Ivy after an experiment went wrong, giving her the ability to communicate with and control plants. While she started off as a Batman villain, she always identified as an eco-terrorist who only committed crimes for the betterment of the environment against those who are, arguably, the real villains for polluting and harming the environment for their own personal, financial gain. Given Poison Ivy’s creepy connection to plants, she’s basically a goddess exacting revenge on those who hurt the Earth. While it seems as though she is just an extremist who is on a mission to do what is right for the environment no matter the cost, Poison Ivy’s motives aren’t as pure as she would have readers believe.


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In Gotham City Sirens in Holiday Story by Paul Dini and David Lopez, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy have decided to do their own things for the holidays with Catwoman staying in Gotham, Harley going to her parents’ house, and Poison Ivy taking a vacation in the rainforest. While separated from the rest of humanity and taking a load off surrounded by nothing but plant life, Poison Ivy wonders to herself why she even bothers living in Gotham when she could just live amongst the trees like a forest goddess, but she answers that question by saying, “Perhaps it’s the power I effortlessly exert over others that keeps driving me back. I like the challenge and I can’t rest when I feel I haven’t won”.

Poison Ivy is more villainous than fans think.

In this issue, Poison Ivy admits that she enjoys committing crimes because it both makes her feel powerful to use her abilities on those she believes deserve it and she likes the challenge of fighting any hero who would try to stop her. When she says this to herself in the comic, she is looking at a nest of bats indicating that the ‘challenge’ she is referencing is Batman. While Poison Ivy commits crimes to defend the plant life that can’t defend itself, her true motives are evidently way more villainous as she actually likes the feeling being a criminal gives her.

Unlike Harley Quinn who is basically a full-fledged hero after The Joker War, using the skills she crafted as a villain for the betterment of Gotham City, Poison Ivy’s actions could never be perceived as acceptable in the eyes of Batman or any other Justice League member. Ivy doesn’t hesitate to murder or extort anyone who would detrimentally harm the environment, and while on the surface that makes her seem like an eco-warrior, the real reason is that she enjoys exerting her vast amounts of power over others, making Poison Ivy way more villainous than DC fans want to believe.

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