The school summer holiday dates for 2022

With the Easter holidays having just left us, the next big break in UK school calendars is the 2022 summer holidays. The 2022 school summer holidays are a great opportunity to spend time with the family together and having that knowledge in advance of when the school holidays in can help you get in early and take advantage of discounts for trips you are planning to go on during this time.

Before the school summer holidays this year, there will be a bank holiday at the end of May too. Many of the UK school holidays for the first term of the year have taken place already, including the spring half term.

For primary school pupils in their last year of schooling, the summer school holidays are a great opportunity to celebrate both their graduating from primary school and the next chapter they will embark on when starting secondary school.

: When are the school holidays in 2022 and what are the current Covid rules?

When do the 2022 school summer holidays start?

The UK 2022 school summer holidays usually last for about six weeks. This year, the summer school holidays’ official start date in the UK is on Friday 22nd July and continues until Wednesday 31st August. Some schools will have different dates that they choose to officially start going back to school.

For example, some schools may choose to go back on Thursday, Friday or even start with a fresh week on the following Monday following the first week in September. It is best to check specifically with the school your child attends to find out when exactly school starts up again.

Summer holidays have various activities that kids are able to attend in the cases where parents may be at work such as summer camp. With Covid restrictions lifted significantly compared to the last two years, there is more opportunity to partake in activities and visit holiday venues more safely.