Here’s what UK tourists wish for in their next holiday

We all deserve a holiday, especially after the difficult years we have had during the Covid-19 pandemic. Loveholidays, therefore, carried out a survey to reveal what the UK’s holidays’ will look like next year and what people want when it comes to travelling abroad.

The research revealed that 2 in 10 of those questioned miss exploring new countries. 20% also said they miss enjoying the holiday sun. This is followed by 12% saying they miss spending quality time with their family and friends and 10% miss the beach.

When it comes to holidaying abroad, almost two-thirds said they did not go on a holiday in 2021. Furthermore, almost a quarter said they did not go, but are planning a holiday abroad this year. 14% managed to go on a holiday in 2021.

The survey also explored how many have created a new travel bucket list in relation to places to visit and things to do because of the pandemic.

23% have created a brand new bucket list, 25% haven’t created a new bucket list but already have an existing one.

The research looked into the activities that are on the nation’s bucket list. The most popular item was discovering a new country, with over half saying so. The second most popular activity was staying in a 5-star hotel with over a third listing this as their top bucket list activity.

Other items that are on people’s 2022 travel bucket list are:

  • try a new cuisine
  • swim in the sea or ocean
  • make friends and meet new people
  • have a hotel room with their own outdoor swimming pool
  • snorkel over a coral reef

Loveholidays also wanted to discover if money was no object, what activities would people want to do on their holiday.

Interestingly, the activity that most people would want to do if money was no object at 36% is a romantic dining experience in a secluded location such as a small island, private beach or private boat. This was followed by stargazing in an exotic destination at 35%, those in the survey are clearly a romantic bunch!

Furthermore, just over one-third of those surveyed would go whale watching if money was no object, just under one third would eat at a Michelin star restaurant and 27% would love to swim in a lagoon.

On the other end of the scale, only 12% would go volcano hiking, 11% would go paragliding and 9% would like to do yoga on the sand dunes. This perhaps shows that the UK population are looking for more of a relaxing rather than an adventure holiday.