Qantas buys stake in Byron Bay travel website

“I don’t think any other airline loyalty program managed to do that.”

Qantas and TripADeal have already advertised a range of holiday offers customers can purchase to an extent with frequent flyer points such as tours of Japan, India and the US.

TripADeal was founded in 2011, and had an annual growth rate of 40 per cent in bookings in the 12 months before the pandemic, the statement to the ASX said.

The business employs about 100 people in Byron Bay and the Gold Coast.

Co-founders Norm Black and Richard Johnstone, two Byron Bay shop owners, both welcomed the deal.

“We’re an Aussie business that is very proud to now be in a close partnership with the national carrier. Qantas understands why TripADeal is different and what makes it a success, which is why we chose to do this deal with them,” Mr Black said.

“It’s taken a decade for us to build the relationships direct with suppliers to be able to offer all the experiences we have, and the ability to now use Qantas Points for that is really going to drive our growth in the years ahead,” Mr Johnstone said.