Rail holidays 2022/2023


There are few better ways to explore a destination than by train. But, while such iconic journeys as the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and Rocky Mountaineer grab the headlines, there are also plenty of other rail holidays where pure luxury plays second fiddle to the sheer joy of on-track exploration. 

From the city greats of Italy and the eastern USA to the cultural gems of Japan and the alpine passes of Switzerland, below you’ll find a selection of our favourite rail holidays. Every trip has been curated by our experts, linking each featured destination’s highlights with a mix of scenic rail routes, hotel-to-station transfers and stays in hand-picked accommodation. We’ve even got a selection of no-fly options for those that prefer to avoid the airport altogether. Of course, if you’re after that five-star on-train experience, you’ll find plenty of ideas and inspiration at our page dedicated to luxury rail journeys.