Shortage of pet boarding places due to ‘unprecedented demand’ during holidays

Pet owners hoping to take a holiday after several lockdowns and travel restrictions may not be able to get boarding spaces for their pets due to an increased demand. 

The Head of Education at the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has said demand for its pet boarding facilities has become “very, very busy”.

An increase in pet ownership during a series of Covid-19 lockdowns, coupled with a surge in holiday bookings has placed considerable demand on existing kennels and pet boarding spaces. 

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland on Monday, Gillian Bird said it was “terrible” that they have to turn people away.

“That’s the reality, unfortunately,” she said.

Their facility can only take a certain amount of dogs at a time for health and safety reasons, she said.

The DSPCA runs a pet hotel and doggie daycare centre in Rathfarnham, Dublin.

While summer is always a busy period for its facilities, the DSPCA says it is seeing unprecedented demand this year.

Dog owners were also urged to be “super careful”, by Ms Bird,  about where they place their dogs while they are away.

“If the place that you normally go to is booked because you unfortunately didn’t go to it early enough, you’ve got to be super careful as to where you actually go to find someone responsible to look after your pet,” she said.

While the DSPCA does take pets that have special diets or medical needs, Ms Bird warned that some facilities do not.

“So you do have to look around and very much look and see what it is that your pet needs and what you want for your pet for that time,” she advised.