UK’s best spots for hot and sunny holidays including South Wales and Yorkshire

Those looking for a sweltering summer getaway need look no further than our own shores.

A breakdown of the UK’s by hottest regions shows where is best to head this summer.

The map is perfect for those who enjoy the Great British countryside and want to save the planet by avoiding flying to holiday destinations.

According to the Met Office, this summer is likely to be a good one.

The national forecaster’s supercomputer has worked out that we’re odds on for the next few months to be hotter than normal.

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The south of Wales enjoys some of the warmest temperatures (

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Camping and glamping experts at Pitchup analysed historical weather station data from the Met Office in compiling the regional breakdown.

South Wales tops the list with average annual temperatures of around 16 degrees – nearly 25% higher than the UK’s average.

While it may come as no surprise that an area famed for the Cardiff Bay and Brecon Beacons is a good place to have a holiday, some of the UK’s other popular staycation spots see more sun than you may think.

The northern reaches of Scotland are the coldest and least sunny (

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The second-best staycation spot for good weather in the UK is South West England, with the region hitting an average maximum temperature of 14.57 degrees across the year.

Not far behind is East England, which hits an average maximum temperature of 13.77 degrees across the year.

Other superb staycation spots where you have the best chances of catching some good weather include London with an average maximum temperature of 13.62 degrees.

There’s also South East England, which clinches fifth place with an average maximum temperature of 13.62 degrees.

London is close to the top of the temperature charts (

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High temperatures don’t necessarily mean sunshine however, as anyone whose spent an afternoon sweating beneath thick, muggy clouds knows.

Average climate data from the Met Office obtained over a 29 year period from 1981 to 2010 shows the South East coast and parts of South Wales are the most sun doused.

Sunshine hours here average over 1,600 hours each year, well above the national average of 1,372.8.

The west side of Sussex is the sunniest overall place, with 1,902 hours a year.

The least sunny part of the country is North West Scotland, where many places get less than 900 hours of sunshine a year.

The south of England is much balmier than the North (

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20 Regions With The Highest Average Temperature

  1. South Wales, 15.84
  2. South West England, 14.57
  3. East England, 13.77
  4. London, 13.62
  5. South East England, 13.62
  6. North Wales, 13.24
  7. North West England,13.23
  8. East Midlands,13.22
  9. Northern Ireland,13.19
  10. West Midlands,12.99
  11. Glasgow and Strathclyde,12.89
  12. Edinburgh and the Lothians, 12.32
  13. Tayside, Central and Fife,12.32
  14. North East England,12.24
  15. Yorkshire and the Humber,12.02
  16. Highlands and Islands, 11.58
  17. West Wales, 11.5
  18. Mid Wales, 11.5
  19. Aberdeen and the North East,10.66
  20. Scotland South, 10.5