European Holiday Location Which Is A ‘Hotspot’ If You Ever Want To Bump Into A Footballer

When booking a holiday there are a plenty of things to consider in choosing the perfect destination; from local cuisine to tourist attractions, it isn’t always an easy decision. 

However, footballs fans may determine their next holiday destination based on where they’re most likely to meet their football heroes – and that’s just been made a little bit easier.

Former Manchester United player Ben Foster has revealed which European country is the perfect holiday hotspot for football fanatics to meet premier league players.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

To mark the end of Premier League season, some players have been packing their bags and jetting off into the sun. Phil Foden, Ruben Dias joined Chelsea’s Mason Mount have been spotted in Monaco, where they enjoyed the Formula 1. Meanwhile, Jack Grealish celebrated Manchester City’s title win by partying in Ibiza.

And while football fans could bump into their favourites at these popular destinations, Ben Foster has revealed the place to be for anyone wanting to meet their favourite players.

Speaking on Fozcast, he described the Greek Island of Mykonos as ‘heaving with footballers’.

When asked where autograph hunters should target he said: “Mykonos for sure, Mykonos, it is the new big one. A lot of people also go to Portugal to be fair, a lot go and get a villa and get somewhere along the golf courses. Mykonos is huge for it though.”

Foster even shared with fans the best time to head out and hunt down footballers.

“If you are an autograph hunter, just go to Mykonos at about 8.30pm on any night and just stand in the middle,” he added.

Last year, England players Luke Shaw, Jack Grealish and Mason Mount were all pictured in Mykonos after England’s disappointing at the Euro’s.

But while the Greek Islands may be buzzing with footballers, fans hoping to meet Foster may be left disappointed as he also discussed how he avoids bumping into other footballers and autograph hunters while he’s on holiday with his family or team mates.

He said: “How easy is it to spot a footballer while on holiday, though? We went to Mykonos a couple of years ago and you know there’s just hundreds of footballers there. You’re walking down these lovely painted cobble streets and all I am doing is looking over the top of everybody because I am tall, and I am thinking ‘oh god he’s a footballer, kids we’re going this way’. And I am dragging them down dodgy alleys just to divert around them.” 

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Understandably, the footballer would want privacy for his children as they enjoy their summer holiday. But football fans need not be disappointed as it seems there are plenty of footballers enjoying the Greek sun. 

Of course, Mykonos is not just a hotspot footballers. With its trendy bars, sandy beaches and luxury villas, Mykonos is one of the most popular greek islands and has even been dubbed Greece’s answer to Ibiza.