NHS offers support for residents this Jubilee Bank Holiday

HEALTH: Stay safe this Bank Holiday

HEALTH: Stay safe this Bank Holiday

The NHS Trust in Cumbria has provided some top tips to keep people safe whilst enjoying themselves this bank holiday.

The Trust has provided some advice for those who may get burnt whilst using a BBQ. A spokesperson said: “If you do give yourself a minor burn you should run cold water over the burn for about ten minutes.

“Don’t use ice or any creams. Cover the burn with cling film or a clean plastic bag. If the face or eyes are burnt, sit up as much as possible, rather than lying down.”

They added: “A lot of people are putting up bunting and this could lead to accidents and falls. Make sure that any ladders are secured and you are not on your own when doing things on ladders.

“If you do trip over the bunting, staple your finger, or do anything that leaves you with cuts and grazes, most are minor and can be easily treated at home.

Whitehaven prepares to celebrate Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

“Many people will be raising a toast to our incredible monarch over the weekend and many will be drinking alcohol. Please drink responsibly, know your limits and consider having soft drinks every other round. Hangovers are best treated using pain killers and time.”